We’re raising money to build a big bowl. But instead of digging everything by hand with shovels and then mixing the concrete one wall at a time, we’d like to hire a local friend with a backhoe, and pay a cement truck to come do the whole bowl in a weekend. So to raise money, we’re making stuff we’re hoping you want!

We’re happy to ship from the US to most places, or you can pick up in Baja when you come skate. We promise to ship within 2 weeks or faster (we usually go to SD about 1x/week). Hit us up on IG or email for a shipping quote.

We really tried to put Square websales up here and it didn’t work, so please buy patches and shirts from our ETSY SHOP:

We collaborated with Unity Skate Shop in Port Orchard, Washington to make a sweet shop board, and we’re selling it for $60 to raise money for our first big bowl. Ivanna S. Pankin designed this graphic and the Unity Crew of Lost Boys is coming to help us make our skatepark, too. Thank you so much for considering pitching in! And also, if you want one of these boards but you can’t afford to pitch in, you can get it for $40 directly from Unity.

$60 plus postage includes the deck and grip tape, if you want it. If you care about Ivanna’s signature, it’s most visible on the 8.5 or pool size! It is more cut off on the smaller boards (like the one pictured, above).

*4/4: POOL SIZE can take up to 30 days to ship, but you can pre-order now.

Board Size
Grip Tape

Want a complete skateboard? Complete skateboards come with SkateOne Mini Logo trucks, wheels (choice of cruiser outdoor wheels or firmer park wheels) and bearings, $110 (or you can get them from unity for $90).
$110 plus shipping and CA sales tax – but if it’s shipping elsewhere in the US, we’ll refund the tax.

Board Size

*please email us at if you have notes or special requests.
If you don’t skateboard or don’t want this deck, but you DO want to chip in to help us build our first bowl, that can happen, too!

Chip in:

THANK YOU SO MUCH. And look for t-shirts soon!