Getting Here

Getting Here

Tijuana has a modern international airport (CBX). Rental car companies work from there. But most American visitors are likely to come from the San Diego airport, and we’re still researching airport transfer options, which we’ll update soon. What we’ve already worked out is in Crossing the Border.

It’s quite challenging to find our place on your own the first time, though we’re happy to give you a pin drop via email if you would like to attempt it. But the easiest way to get here is to call ahead and we’ll plan to meet you on the paved highway and lead you in.

  • Directions are on our MAPS page.
  • If you cross at San Ysidro or Otay Mesa and come down the Scenic Road, there are two toll booths. The toll is currently 40 pesos / $2 USD each.
  • We recommend Baja Bound or Mexican Insurance Store for auto insurance by the day or month. By Mexican law you are required to carry Mexican insurance (though many people do not); US insurance doesn’t apply here.
  • It is illegal to cross the border (either way) with weapons (even if they’re licensed), ammunition, medical/recreational marijuana and large amounts of cash (over $10K, but if you have a lot of cash in any amount and get pulled over, you might not leave the stop with it).
  • Please see Crossing the Border for more info.

There is about 1.5 miles of dirt road to get to our place (depending on which way you go). Cars can make it up pretty easily when it’s dry, which is most of the year, but low clearance vehicles will want to go slow. 4WD is recommended when it rains, but again, it doesn’t rain very often. Average annual precipitation in Baja Norte is around 12″ and almost exclusively Dec – March. For comparison, the average in the US is 30″.
We drive 4WD vehicles with high clearance.

We have a few spaces near the main house and a lot more at the foot of our property, but the downhill parking is unsecured. We don’t recommend leaving valuable items in your car. Hide your treasures and lock it up.